We help leaders publish bestselling books, then repurpose that content to build authoritative platforms.

This has:

  • powered new speaking careers,
  • driven growth in sales and marketing,
  • enabled high-caliber recruiting,
  • clarified their messaging,
  • launched digital courses and resources,
  • and ultimately, helped them fulfill their purpose in the world.

Our Work

We have ghostwritten and published dozens of bestselling books, and our work has been featured in leading publications.

The books have been endorsed by Dave Ramsey, Darren Hardy (Success Magazine), Michael Gerber (E-Myth), Dawson McAllister (TheHopeLine), and other world-class leaders.

Here are some notable places our work has been featured:

Our Story

Lastly, here’s a talk Jordan gave to a group of creatives and entrepreneurs on a wintry night in February 2018. It’s a snapshot of his journey as a ghostwriter, philosophy of storytelling, and the story of the lamest injury in recorded history.


If you would like to connect with Jordan, you can reach him here:

  • Email: loftis.jordan [at] gmail [dot] com
  • Phone: (303) 928-0876


Jordan and the Story Chorus Team