Here are the 5 elements that I believe are required to publish an impactful book:

1. Title.

Your title is *everything*. A good book title is provocative with a seatbelt. Not so provocative people are reluctant to share it with their network. Not so safe that it’s like an adult who wears water wings at the beach “just in case.”

2. Cover.

People judge books by their covers. Invest in a great book designer. Find your visual Blue Ocean. Remember, good design elevates.

3. Description.

These are so hard for authors to write. Hire a copywriter or work through a copywriting framework. This is your elevator pitch.

4. A good book.

Write the best book you’re capable of *right now*. Sure, you could write a better book next year — but that’s next year. Write the best work you’re capable of today.

5. An audience.

Nurture your 1,000 true fans. Send your book via first-class mail to every prospect. Get it in front of people by never shutting up about it.

BONUS: Joy. The quickest way to kill a book is an author who isn’t a total evangelist for it.

BONUS x2: If you have a large audience (50k+) and want clout, trad publishing with one of the Big 5 houses (not Stark, Targaryen, or Lannister… the ones in NYC) is a good option.

Indie publishing is a great route for everyone else.