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Boldly helps founders and executives focus on growth and strategic work with our highly-skilled remote staff they can trust to represent them well—all on a simple monthly subscription. Belay helps businesses outsource their administrative work to U.S.-based assistants, specializing in social media, web design, and bookkeeping along with traditional VA duties.
Founded: 2012 Founded: 2010
Best For:

Executives and leaders who want a highly-skilled, dedicated assistant that can run with the details and support them for the long term.

Best For:

Businesses, organizations, or leaders looking to supplement their current staff or manage admin duties so they can grow their company.


  • Starts at $2,200/mo
  • Start up fee: none

  • Starts at $2,077/mo
  • Start up fee: $995

Founder, executive, and enterprise support


Organizations, busy leaders, small and large businesses.

What Makes Them Different:

  • Premium Subscription Staffing Model
  • Highly-experienced and vetted U.S.-based team
  • Personally matched with a dedicated assistant perfect for you/your business
  • 100% compliant solution
What Makes Them Different:

  • Contractors undergo personality testing to find ideal client fit
  • U.S. based assistants
  • No dashboard; they’ll use whatever tools you want
  • Offers both a dedicated VA and an account manager