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CONQUER: A Proven System to Dominate your Income, Business and Life

By Victor Maya

Book Description

When illegally crossing the American border from Mexico there are three things you must understand: watch for headlights in the woods, follow the power lines and wind pumps, and learn to swim before crossing the river. 

When he was a child, author Victor Maya’s mother paid smugglers to reunite her with her children in Houston, Texas. Two coyotes, two siblings, and Victor, a little boy who couldn’t swim. 

That little boy’s story is no fairy tale.

He made many mistakes. But every decision—both good and bad—shaped him into the man and business leader he is today. 

If you’re tired of perfectly scripted self-help books, this is the book for you. 

CONQUER is Victor’s whole story—raw and unedited—and it’s your guide (and pitfall avoidance map) to personal wealth and success.

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SWIFT Book Publishing

Our SWIFT publishing process is a proven method to move ideas from brain to a book-in-hand. We partner with our author’s through each step of the process, making sure their book is exactly what and where they want it to be.

We were privileged to be a part of Victor Maya’s book CONQUER. We worked with him from early ideas and outlines all the way through to the beautiful finished product that is CONQUER, a book that tells Victor’s story of failures and successes and the lessons learned in between.

  • Strategy: brainstorming, outlines, book interview

  • Writing: manuscript creation, reviews, editing

  • Imagery: cover and interior design

  • Flight: physical and digital book launch

  • Traction: marketing, testimonials, reviews

What people are saying…

CONQUER will help you to move to new levels of significance in life, to quit being satisfied with a just a little bit of success, and to pursue the American dream of entrepreneurship.”

Coach Micheal Burt

“Victor’s book is a powerful story of Conquering adversity…real adversity in both life and business. I was moved and inspired from the opening chapter on and you will be too.”

Matt Manero, President of Commercial Fleet Financing

“Don’t pick up another book until you read this! Victor pairs a great story with a road map for personal and professional success.”

Judge Graham, Co-Founder at

CONQUER is truly jaw-dropping. It is un-apologetically written by a man who has overcome more adversity than most of us would dream possible. This book is a must read for every person who is driven to create their best life.”

Doug Wood, Bestselling author of Church Boy to Millionaire

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