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The Richest Man in Direct Sales

By Jamil Frazier

Book Description

Imagine a life where you completely owned every minute of every day.

You aren’t selling 50-plus hours per week for a paycheck. You aren’t scrambling to pay the bills. You aren’t rejected for loans.

In this life, you are independent. You own the ground beneath your feet.

Now, realize that it’s not a fairy-tale—it’s possible.

The best part is, the secrets of this system will work for anyone.

Yes, that means YOU!

Are you ready for freedom? If so, your new life awaits inside of the pages this book.

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SWIFT Book Publishing

Our SWIFT publishing process is a proven method to move ideas from brain to a book-in-hand. We partner with our author’s through each step of the process, making sure their book is exactly what and where they want it to be.

Working with Jamil Frazier on his first book was an extremely rewarding experience. Jamil dedicates his life to guiding people towards achieving financial independence, healthy minds and bodies, and thriving relationships. We were honored to work with him on The Richest Man in Direct Sales so that his impact on the world can continue to grow.

  • Strategy: brainstorming, outlines, book interview

  • Writing: manuscript creation, reviews, editing

  • Imagery: cover and interior design

  • Flight: physical and digital book launch

  • Traction: marketing, testimonials, reviews

What people are saying…

“Jamil Frazier has set a new standard for what is possible in life…If you want to have more, do more, and be more, this book is for you.”

Karen Ellstrom, Entrepreneur and business leader

“Don’t think twice about it, just get it! Such simple and powerful concepts that you can apply to your business, finances, and every day life. It can definitely change your mindset and your life!”

Amazon Customer Review

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